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85-10n-44: 46 Beverley Rd, 1985 - Beverley

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Back in 1892, 46 Beverley Rd was the home of dentist Zachariah Charles Blyth L.D.S.,R.C.S. Later he had a son, Joseph Charles, killed in 1917 in the Great War, and three daughters, Hilda, Violet, and Dora. Presumably this house and No 44 were once a part of Kingston College, built 1836-7, where a pair of similar gate-piers (which have lost the decorative top) still stand on Beverley Rd, flanking a path leading the the Kingston Youth Centre, which is set back a short distance from the road. No 46 was perhaps built at the same time as the former College lodge at No 44 next door had its upper storey added.


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