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28k41: No 17 Warehouse, Wilberforce column and Hull College, 1981 - River Hull
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Still Occupied

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This was a five storey warehouse at the north end of the Pease Warehouses that had been largely destroyed by fire. It was about to be rebuilt and, along with the rest of the warehouses turned into flats in 1981. The warehouses date from around 1750 and were Grade II listed in 1952.
Robert Pease and his family fled Hull at the restoration of the monarch in 1660 to escape religious persecution as they were Puritans and settled in Amesterdam, where his businesses prospered and his son Robert married into one of the wealthiest banking families there, the Cliffords. In 1708, the youngest of that family's three sons, Joseph Pease, was sent back to England to set up the family business here. Having failed to find suitable premises in London he came up to Hull, and bought A house in High St with riverside frontage, setting up warehouses for various businesses including whaling, shipping as well works in Hull for linseed oil milling, whiting, lead and paint. And on the High St site he set up Yorkshire's first bank in 1754. One of the most successful businessmen of the era, when he died the businesses were estimated to be worth over half a million pounds


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