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32t32: Pipes and River Humber, St Andrew's Dock, 1982 - Docks

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Still Occupied

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Two large pipes, on above the other formed a barrier along the edge of the dock wall east of the entrance to St Andrew's Dock. Since they made their way across the dock entrance at the same level they were obviously only installed after the dock was closed in November 1975. I have no idea what the pipes carried, but it looked a rather temporary installation.
A couple of hundred yards east, roughly at the boundary between St Andrew's Dock and William Wright Dock, the river wall turns to continue a few yards further north and there was a long wooden jetty. The pipes also took the turn and then disappeared from sight under the footpath.
The public footpath continues all the way to the centre of Hull, passing over the top of the new concrete buildings between the Albert Dock and Riverside Quay, built in the 1950s to replace the quay and its buildings destroyed by fire caused by bombing in May 1941. The burnt wooden jetties there were replaced by concrete, but a long area of wooden jetties remained at the west end of the docks.


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