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A view of Hull

River Hull

28k55: River Hull with Poem 24 and other barges and Holy Trinity, 1981 - River Hull
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Still Occupied

Images on this site are arranged into rough areas by location as in my book 'Still Occupied', available on Blurb. Eventually this site will contain all the images in that book and more.

Boats and barges crowded the River Hull and their names often intrigued me. Gilyott and Scott (Transport) Ltd (part of the The Transport Development Group) had a whole series of 'Poem' barges, such as Poem 24 shown here and also owned the tug 'Gillian Knight' tucked in behind, and R35 behind.
It's long been a mystery to me that Hull despite being a city has no cathedral, and that Holy Trinity is just a parish church. Apparently it isn't unique in this, sharing the distinction (according to Wikipedia) with Bath, Brighton and Hove, Cambridge, Lancaster, Leeds, Nottingham, Plymouth, Preston, Salford, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, Swansea, and Wolverhampton. Perhaps the reason is that the church, although large just wasn't fancy enough, though as part of this year's celebrations it is apparently being upgraded to a Minster on May 13th. Or perhaps the Church of England was simply ignorant and prejudiced about Hull like so many who've never really been there.
The buildings at the right are still there, but the large central building has gone and this area is now a car park. The trees are in the garden of Wilberforce House.


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