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A view of Hull

River Hull

22a32 Yorkshire Dry Dock, Dock Office Row, 1979 - River Hull
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Still Occupied

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From Steve Bray (apprentice plater from 1970 -1976). Now aged 64.
This picture is (in my opinion) Drypool Engineering dry dock no 3. High St Hull. I worked there.
The window to the left (bottom window) is where we got paid on a Thursday at 4pm.
The paint tins etc belonged to Hardwicks painters co who occupied the building to the right.
The car is parked at the edge of High St. To the left of the scaffolding is the “bronze shop” where large steel fabrications were made.
The wages dept was robbed after the bank delivery around 1975 and it turned out to be an inside job by someone from the wages dept and someone from Hardwicks paint company working together.
After Drypool Engineering dissolved in 1976. The manager Len Langton started Ruscador’s ship repair company. It was originally sited on Alexander dock but they eventually bought the dry dock near Hull pier that used to belong to Drypool Engineering. They operated there until approx 1990 when it was sold to the family who know own Hull City football club. Len Langton died this year aged 93.


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